14 Dec 2014

Design. Functionality at its best


It can mean a million things, but lets restrict ourselves to the more graphical oriented section. case in point, I would define design as the process through which a problem is solved efficiently, and in a simple manner

Dieter Rams (Google him. DO IT), a legendary designer, has explained good design in ten points:

All this seems to have gotten a bit deep, so here's some cake.

Again, DESIGN is applicable to anything. Wherever a problem exists, design solves. It could be designing a Crane, baking a cake (CAKE!), making a video, photography and logo's.

Take the KHMD logo for example. It was created to solve the problem of providing our community with a visual and brand identity, Something with which all of us can identify with. It's whole structure helps it to do just that:

It can be a compass, guiding us in the right direction. It can be infinity, for the infinite ideas inside our heads. It can also be unity, with the tightly knit structure symbolizing our community. And it doesn't hurt that it looks cool.

the color orange is said to stimulate creativity. Color is a very important part of design. Colors evoke feelings in the mind of the viewer. They place great power in the hands of the creator. Use responsibly.

So that's an introduction into design. 
A very helpful skill in this field of thought is drawing. The ability to draw can transform ideas into actual workable models, and is a wonderful medium for propagation of ideas. And again, everyone can draw.

I really don't understand people who say "I can't draw well".
Everyone. can. draw. Well. 
Start drawing things everyday, and you'll be surprised at yourself. Seriously.

On another note, A tool which I personally consider important in a designers arsenal is PhotoShop. or any substitute graphical editing software.
You can create ridiculously amazing things with just a computer in front of you. Everyone needs to know how to use it. it is an indispensable tool, which is ridiculously easy to learn and operate. Well, at least the basics. And that's all one needs.

So there it is. Let's fill the world with better design and cake, and live in a better place

The End.

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