How to Join the Community

We have found that many students have "asked to join" the KHMD Community on G+ but never really followed up. We need some information about the person before we let him/her into our G+ Community.

Anyone wanting to join the KHMD Community on G+ has to complete either one of the following steps. The only prerequisite is that you need to be a student of SKCH-CBSE or an alumni of the same.

First you "Ask to join" here.

Then you have two options :
  1. Wait for a hangouts message to be sent to you asking you to fill a Form that asks for your basic details or do this yourself (Link) without having to wait for the message.
  2. This option is for those of you who do not use Hangouts. Meet Aman Vernekar or Suraj R in school or drop us an email at
You will surely be accepted once you complete either one these steps.

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