20 Nov 2014

Anybody Can Learn

Programming is, in a way, like writing poetry or music. It is an intellectual activity where one creates structure out of nothing. And the things one creates can have significant value to others.Some people enjoy taking things apart and figuring out how they work. Programming takes this to another level--not only do you figure out how things work, but you can also figure out how to write code to make them do things differently. It is intuitive and results of your work are known instantly. And you are learning new things constantly.If you are bored, you can always inject new life into a problem by trying to abstract it, or otherwise solve a larger problem simultaneously.

This is what got me into web development and here is some stuff that I've created:

See the Pen jEIqg by Sameer Kolhar (@kol123) on CodePen.

Now Go ahead and paint "I know Code!"

See the Pen Oil Paining by Sameer Kolhar (@kol123) on CodePen.

So if I was able to do it! Then you will also be able to it too! The only thing you need is a goal.This goal that you set for yourself and is specific to you and should be achievable in the time that you are willing to devote to it. It can be really fun if you get the hang of it and start to make yourself better at it. Reading and understanding code is very important in making you better programmer. Mathematical skills are required to simplify your programs and make them more efficient. 

The most important of all is that "you DO what you love and love what you do". I know you would've heard it from a lot of people but now it's high time you put it to practice. Just have fun! 

Technology is the building block of the next-generation and which you are going to be a part of and build for. This is your time. This is your canvas.

Go ahead! have fun! :D

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