8 Jan 2015

Texas Instruments Sci-Tech Quiz 2015

Hello everyone!

So the Texas Instruments Science and Technology Quiz is back in its 11th edition this year. The quiz will be conducted in 5 cities followed by a national finals which is held here in Bangalore. Students from classes 8 to 10 can participate. Our school has done really well in this quiz, and hopefully we continue to do so. 2 years ago, Barghav Cavale and I won this quiz. (In my 3rd attempt) A lot of you must be interested in attending this quiz, so I thought I could help all of you in preparing better.

The quiz primarily focuses on knowledge science concepts and the technology isn't really about the latest gadgets and its NOT an IT quiz like the ones which have been held in school for IT Fair or the TCS quiz. The science questions require some thinking and need to be explained.

Other than general knowledge and thinking, the best way to prepare would be to read howstuffworks.com's Science and Tech Sections (http://science.howstuffworks.com/). We were able to answer 3 or 4 questions from reading stuff here. (Ex: How noise cancelling headphones work, Regenerative breaking etc.) Knowing stuff about scientists, and the periodic table and the elements is necessary.

Last year, we conducted a quiz in school to select students for the TI quiz but the quiz was never held that year. So to get you started, have a look at those questions here and see how you do.
http://1drv.ms/1wWULxI (Its kind of difficult)

All the best to everyone who will be going this time! (Ask Chethana Ma'am for more details)