1 Jan 2015

Beginners Guide to rooting Moto G

The Motorola Moto G, the phone that took the Indidan market by storm and arguably the budget android phone of the year. The Moto G(1st Gen) currently runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Root access gives the user elevated permissions, with which you can do anything to any file or folder in the system. It's often dangerous, always powerful, and an integral part of Linux.


So you need to think a bit before rooting cause if your phone still has a good year of warranty left I would recommend waiting a while.

Rooting the Moto G is quite easy. It took me hardly 10mins.

This guide is for beginners.

  1. MOTO G (Charge above 80%,running original firmware kitkat). *Backup whatever is important
  2. USB cable to connect to computer.
  3. Superboot (Download here) . *sometimes this links do go down in such a case just google super boot and download it.
  4. Moto USB Drivers- (click here to download the firmware)


1. Unlocking the bootloader-

Before you unlock the Bootloader of your Motorola Moto G you must know what actually Bootloader is. The Bootloader performs hardware initialization, verifies that the operating system is present, Boots the operating system, and provides a methods to update android.

To Unlock bootloader you need to back up all your files on your phone. Unlocking bootloader wipes and deletes everything on your phone. The unlocking process is quite easy and can be done easily in less than 5 mins, from the official Motorola Website here. Follow the steps carefully and you should be good.

2.The Actual Rooting-

First you need to extract the downloaded super boot file you downloaded earlier.
Bootloader mode 
Then go to settings>about phone>tap on the build number till developer options are unlocked.Then switch on usb debugging.

Then shut down your phone.

Then turn on your phone by pressing the volume down button+power button for 5secs then leave. You should be in bootloader mode.

The Following steps are based in what OS you are running on your computer.

For Windows- Double click 'superboot-windows.bat' 

For Mac - Open terminal window to the directory containing the files and type the following line by line

ch-mod +x superboot-mac.sh 

For Linux - Open terminal window to the directory containing the files and type the following line by line 

ch-mod +x superboot-linux.sh

After your done reboot your device (manually) and your done! Go to App drawer you will find Super Su installed.


If you face any problems contact me at this e-mail- sushant.rao@outlook.com

Credits-  The Android Cop
XDA-Moto-g site - http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-g

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