15 Jan 2015


Technology today has redefined our lives. What was unimaginable before has become a reality – wait a minute! Was it really unimaginable? The recent news article that carried the stories of inventions by ancient Indians seems to defy this statement. The fact that Indians initiated several technological advancements, show that as a civilization, we were far ahead in our approach to technology.

This might give rise to the all-important question – Are these claims true? What evidence do we have to substantiate this claim? Answering this is not easy. We have relied on oral rendition/transfer of knowledge in the past. Documenting our country’s rich history and scientific progress was undertaken by foreign travelers like Hiuen-Tsiang and Fa-Hien.This again has a philosophical connotation – our ancestors believed that knowledge is free and never felt the need to own what they have achieved – life itself is transient, so is owning (patenting) of success.

Today we work and think different – our needs revolve around technology- owning the latest phone, documenting our achievements in a digital format, having a flat screen Television, connecting to people through social media– the list grows for adults and the young alike. We have come a long way, haven’t we? It’s time now to think, to pause.Where are we heading? Should we not document/patent our achievements now? Where is that elusive progress in creative thinking, as a Society /as a Civilization? Should technological advancements be unfettered and exist without global boundaries? Can technology be the leveler, the panacea to bridge the gap between the developed and developing countries?

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