15 Jan 2015

Bio Mimicry

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When you are an admirer of Nature, it is hard to look at Nature without considering the acts of Man. Many of our scientific inventions and achievements appear to be narrow-sighted and flawed. What Nature produces is completely bio degradable – safe for the planet, safe for all the living creatures. But when Man started using technology to ‘enhance’ living on this planet, he has done more damage than good. Harmful toxins are released; dangerous radiations that threaten the survival of several species are the results of man’s rapid progress. Watch this

Is there any solution? Yes, people are now looking towards Nature and Her ways of solving man-made problems. This relatively new approach to science and technology is termed Bio Mimicry. Look around and just observe Nature’s fascinating ways.

Microbes, the tiniest of living creatures are ingenious engineers; watch how ants make ant hills and you will be surprised at the architectural skills

Impressed? Watch the TED video to understand how bio mimicry is being accepted today.

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