23 Feb 2015

The Microsoft HoloLens

During the Windows 10 event held in January 2015, we saw something a lot more than Windows 10. Something that is virtual reality and at the same time, is not virtual reality. This peculiar device is Microsoft’s HoloLens. There isn’t much to say about the HoloLens. But some say it is Microsoft’s answer to PlayStation’s Project Morpheus, while others say it is a device to “combine the digital and real world."

The main idea of the HoloLens is to have a new medium to express creativity. For example, on a Skype call, instructions for the other person can be drawn while performing a task, which are holograms.

HoloLens can also be used for gaming. Minecraft was one game shown by Microsoft (probably) because of Microsoft’s recent purchase of Mojang), and there could be more games soon. It shows  the world of blocks in your living room. You can use your table to build a house, a model of a dinosaur or even a pair of underpants. You can create anything!

You can do a lot more such as sticking virtual sticky notes, looking at virtual recipes, making designs to anything or even use your wall as an App Drawer. HoloLens integrates the real world with the virual world for an enhanced experience of the existing world. This is a new medium of creating and sharing ideas.

The HoloLens can also be used for entertainment. Want to watch your favourite sports team play? Just turn on your device. Want to watch the video of the Mars Rover? Go ahead! You can use gestures and your voice to control the device. HoloLens understands your movements and Gestures.

HoloLens is an interactive device that can change the way we create and share ideas. This is virtual reality and at the same time, it isn’t as we have a virtual world, as well as the real world interacting together. This device can also have a great impact on learning and the way we understand. Here is a preview of the HoloLens:

As a fan of Back To The Future, I can safely assure you that the future is here.

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