26 Mar 2015

KHMD Infuse

The Kumaran Hacker Maker Designer Community held its first event on 3rd March 2015. Members of classes 7, 8, 9 and 11 came together in the High School AV Room. Here's the report.

Being the first KHMD event, INFUSE was carrying a lot of responsibility in terms of spreading popularity, awareness and love for everything related to hacking, making and functional design. 

We began with a talk by Gautam on KHMD; past, present and future, with the relevance and importance of KHMD as a community.

He spoke of how what we learn at school, however practical and informative, isn't enough for the budding hacker/maker/designer and therefore we needed something more, where students could help each other and grow as individuals and also improve the already good quality of students we churn out at Kumarans.

We had a video from Aniruddha Mysore, an alumnus, who wanted to applaud the community's efforts and enforce the idea of KHMD.

Mr. Sathya Prasad from Intel inspired the crowd with his talk on Makers space and what it means to be a maker. His speech was a hit and his easy language and stage presence complimented the message of the talk.

We also had an amazing demo of an in-house Oculus Thrift, built by Aabharan Hemanth, Adhesh Shenoy, Anurag Muttur, Rupith Baburaj and Kushal Naidu.

This seemed to be the highlight of the day and many students tried the device on and were enthralled by its performance.

The response of students after the event was brilliant and several people signed up to join the community.

Infuse was a blast!

Here's the video. Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNyDTBWiDSk for quick links to certain parts of the event.

Thanks to Aabharan Hemanth for editing all the footage. 

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